Free collection of PET cell culture bottles from your laboratory

"Green your lab"

Recycle, Reduce, Replace. The environmental protection concept by PAN-Biotech

For over 30 years PAN-Biotech supplies customers all around the globe with products and services of the highest quality standard. The product focus is on Sera, Media, Serum-free systems, Reagents and a lot of other products and services. We are supplying customers from research, hospitals as well as biopharmaceutical industries.

We are aware that we can only reach our goal of more sustainability in cell culture by improving our company’s processes. Further than that we are also creating new and unique ways for our customers and partners to also contribute to a more sustainable cell culture future.

The three “R”: Recycle, Reduce, Replace. With this concept PAN-Biotech takes a unique way towards more sustainability in cell culture.


Saving of  PET- cell culture bottles by using liqid media in bags

Sustainability by savings

of PET-cell culture bottles



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