Free collection of PET cell culture bottles from your laboratory



Free collection of PET cell culture bottles from your laboratory

Environmental protection with

PAN recycling

To expand our environmental protection, we now offer a free return service for empty PET cell culture bottles. We take back bottles of all sizes and suppliers to return them to the recycling cycle. The only requirement is that the bottles are free of any contamination.*

The little effort for you has a big impact on our planet.

For your pickup of empty bottles simply fill in the form below. Our forwarder GLS will attach the return label to the package. Our forwarder guarantees a 100% climate-neutral transportation:

To handle the pickup as efficient as possible, you need:

1) At least 10 bottles per carton or 20 bottles per Styrofoam box (neither the bottle size nor the brand matters).
2) Fill out the online form to initiate the free pickup.

Furthermore, we are changing our previous cardboard boxes to an environmentally friendly alternative at the national shipping level.
These new cardboard boxes have a comfortable handle and are made out of 100% recyclable material.

*  At the moment we have a recycling solution for bottles which are made out of PET. Therefore we kindly ask you not to return any products which are made of any different type of material (e.g. cell culture-plates, pipette). Thank you for your support!

  • Return service from all suppliers and all container sizes
  • 100% climate neutral shipping
  • Free return service 
  • Green your lab with PAN-Biotech

Depending on the number of empty PET tissue culture bottles, you can choose between two recycling containers:


We have already returned more than 530,000 bottles to the recycling cycle

Together we can make a big difference !

FAQ “How does the collection of PET cell culture bottles work?”

How does the collection of PET cell culture bottles work?
How is the collection as efficient as possible
Please note

That happens with your empty PET cell culture bottles

After receiving your empty PET cell culture bottles they are checked for purity. Then the bottles will be pressed into big PET bales which will be transported to our recycling partner. By pressing the bottles directly at our site we ensure that the volume of the bottles is at the minimum. With the reduced volume we are again saving CO² emissions.

Your PET cell culture bottles will be recycled and can among other things be turned into recycled granulate which will be used for new PET products without producing new plastic.



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